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Making This School Year Your Child's Best

July 28, 2014 -- When the school year starts, a young child may fear isolation, not making friends, or being unable to find the restroom in time. An older child may return fearing math class, the lunchroom "mystery meat," and being labeled a geek for wearing clothes that went out of fashion last week.

Whatever age your child is, you can help alleviate first-day jitters by helping the student plan for a new school year. By planning ahead, you will reinforce the importance of school and ease the worries of a new school year.

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When Your Child Says, 'I'm Sick'

July 21, 2014 -- What happens when your child says, "I'm sick"? Do you keep him or her home or send him or her to school?

Following these steps can help you decide and care for your child. First, ask yourself these questions:

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

July 14, 2014 -- For many of us, spring means gardening--and our pursuit of greener grass or pest-free flowers may lead us to fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Recent studies, however, raise a red flag on chemical use, pointing to a possible link between herbicides and pesticides and diseases such as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, other lymphoproliferative cancers, Parkinson's disease and other neurological problems such as memory loss. Experts are calling for more research, but the home gardener should play it safe.

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The importance of seat belts and car seats

July 7, 2014 -- For children ages 14 and younger, unintentional injury-related deaths occur most often when riding in a car. According to the most recent statistics, among children ages 14 and younger who were killed as occupants in motor vehicle crashes, 53 percent were not using safety restraints at the time of collision.

According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, children ages 4 and younger who ride in motor vehicles unrestrained are twice as likely to die or suffer injuries in a car crash.

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All About Sunscreen

June 30, 2014 -- Summertime. Beach time. Long hours in the sun. Before you head out to the white hot sand, you'll want to pick up some sunscreen. But should you buy SPF 15? SPF 30? How about 45?

Should you get a sun block? A sunscreen? Something that's waterproof? If you're confused by the numbers and types of sunscreen, welcome to the club. Many Americans, it seems, are so confused by sunscreens that they don't even use them. An adult should use enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass to cover arms, legs, neck, and face. If you are also using insect repellant or other lotions, apply the sunscreen first.

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Facts About Skin Cancer

June 23, 2014 -- Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, with more than 3.5 million people diagnosed each year. It's also increasing in young people.

The skin is made up of three main layers: the epidermis (outer layer); the dermis (middle layer); and the subcutis (the deepest layer). The epidermis has three different types of cells: squamous cells form the top level; basal cells form the deeper layer; and melanocytes, cells that give skin its color, are scattered through the epidermis. Skin cancers are caused when DNA of cells are damaged and the cells grow uncontrollably to form a tumor.

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What is sunburn?

June 16, 2014 -- Sunburn is a visible reaction of the skin's exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation or UV light sources, invisible rays that are part of sunlight, such as tanning salons. Ultraviolet rays can also cause invisible damage to the skin. Excessive and/or multiple sunburns cause premature aging of the skin and lead to skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US and exposure to the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer.

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Keeping an Eye on Sunshine

June 9, 2014 -- Sunglasses are an important weapon in the fight against skin cancer and cataracts. Chronic exposure of the eyes to sunlight increases the risks of cataracts and skin cancers of the eyelid. Health experts estimate more than 10 percent of cataracts suffered by Americans are UV-related. Wearing sunglasses that block 99 percent or more of UV radiation can help reduce the risk. Sunglasses that wrap around the sides of your head offer better protection. Be sure you sunglasses block both UVA and UVB rays.

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Refreshing Summer Meals

June 2, 2014 -- Turn off the stove. Put away the pots and pans. Forget about cooking. It's time for the cool, easy foods of late summer.

There's a good reason to make the switch, if you haven't already this season. When the mercury is high, we all crave meals that are cool and refreshing, nutrition experts say. We instinctively turn to meals that have a high water content to replace the steady water loss that we experience in the summertime.

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