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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. William Unsderfer, M.D.

Hello Salina! Thank you for welcoming me to your community. After spending seventeen years as a general pediatrician in Hutchinson, Kansas, I have relocated here in Salina for the remainder of my career. I bring with me 17 years of experience, with special interest in asthma and behavioral pediatrics. I also enjoy working with children with ADHD, autism, and special needs pediatrics as well. My practice expertise is in caring for children ages birth to 21 years of age.

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Dr. Vanaja Obi, M.D.

I am very happy to join Salina Pediatric Care. It was a tough decision to move to Salina after practicing for 14 years in Hutchinson, Kansas; however, I feel I made the right decision. Being a general pediatrician and pediatric Endocrinologist, I feel I will be an extra asset to the community. I previously worked at the KU Medical Center in Kansas City as a pediatric endocrinologist, as a part-time clinician, where I covered pediatric endocrine clinics.

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Dr. Brian Harvey, D.O.

I have wanted to be a physician since I was in seventh grade. Combining pediatrics and sports medicine was a dream come true. Being trained in pediatrics and sports medicine allows me to care for the pediatric patient from infancy to adolescence; working through hardships of illness as well as the burden a sports injury has on an athlete. As an athlete, I understand the physical demands sports can place on children, adolescents and adults. As a physician, I am able to treat the injured body and understand the emotional and psychological effects sport can have on the growing child.

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Dr. Erica Red Corn, M.D.

My greatest inspiration for taking care of children are my own two kids, but my journey to become a pediatrician started long before they were born. My own personal experiences as a pediatric patient along with my education at the University of Kansas in Human Biology, showed me that my path was to become a doctor. Working with children as patients at Children's Mercy Hospital during my pediatric training has given me great personal joy and has allowed me to become a part of many young, important lives.

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Keri Kavouras, FNP-C

I have always enjoyed working with people and knew healthcare was the place to do it. I was attracted to the field of nursing after caring for ill loved ones and spending time on the other side of healthcare as the patient during my teenage years. I wanted to find a way to help better people's lives in a way that promoted health and well-being. I enjoy working with all ages of children in all realms of care; wellness, illness, sports, and injury. Today, I find my inspiration for my work as a mom and aunt.

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Monica Woolsoncroft, APRN

I am very excited to join the Salina Pediatric Care team! I've been serving the patients of Salina and the surrounding communities for almost 20 years. I truly treasure the relationships I have developed, and look forward to continuing to do so at SPC.

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Dr. Kraig Bertram, D.O.

Whether earning an Eagle Scout badge during my childhood in Overland Park, Kansas or starting my medical career as a Care Assistant at Children's Mercy Hospital, helping children and serving those in need has been a passion and guiding principle.

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Britton Zuccarelli, M.D.

Born with congenital heart disease, I've been tied to the medical community since an early age, and I felt a natural calling to care for children and their families. During my medical training, I was particularly drawn to children with neurological conditions. I look forward to bringing child neurology sub-specialty pediatric care to the Salina community, helping take care of your children's headaches and seizures, among other challenges, and watching them grow and develop.

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