Sample Diet Ideas to Help Kids Slim Down

Here is a sample diet that is relative low in fat but high in protein and fiber.


  • - High fiber Toast and jam (or peanut butter or heart friendly spread)
  • - Oatmeal or other high fiber cereal
  • - Fruit or tomato with cottage cheese and toast
  • - Toast and egg
  • - Small amount of Orange juice is OK. Tea or small amount of coffee


  • - Sandwich with lettuce, tomato and protein (turkey, roast beef, ham, etc.)
  • - Have about 2 slices of meat. No cheese unless it is the protein source.
  • - Have celery, carrot or sliced pepper sticks while eating the sandwich.
  • - Have an orange, apple or other fruit.
  • - Drink water or seltzer.


  • - Have an apple or other fruit.
  • - Have two small cookies
  • - Other snack suggestions: raisin bread toast or an English muffin. If still hungry, have some fruit or celery/carrot sticks.
  • - Drink water, low fat milk, seltzer or light tea with the snack.
  • - Try to keep the "treat" calories around 250-350 calories.


  • - Meat, chicken, or fish, about the portion size of a deck of cards.
  • - Salad and a vegetable, plus some orange, apple or pear slices.
  • - When having pasta, sprinkle with parmesean cheese. When having pasta, have it with broccoli, green beans or other "high fiber" vegetable. Be sure to measure the appropriate amount of pasta using the serving size on the side of the box as a guide.
  • - Serve apple or other fruit slices with dinner.
  • - Allow seconds on vegetables and salad.
  • - Drink water or seltzer with the meal.

INCREASE EXERCISE throughout the day

Try to exercise a couple of times a day (walking to and back from school and using the stairs instead of elevator. Do some short, brief "exercise" in the evening while doing homework, such as a few pushups, sit ups or fast dancing. This will help 'burn' the afternoon carbohydrates.